about us

GLYPH is a full service marketing agency based in michigan. we work collaboratively with our clients to grow ambitious brands with relentless strategic planning and carefully crafted design.

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"customers want to fall in love with a brand. it's up to the business to meet them part way."

nic von schneider - creative director

what we do

we build experiences that connects your brand to your customers. GLYPH helps to position and grow a diverse range of premium brands by providing a strategic foundation, dynamic visual identities, modern packaging solutions, powerful websites experiences and dedicated marketing campaigns. our noticeably clean style and focus on consumer behavior lets our clients build powerful relationships with their customers.

how we do it

there isn't a single process to follow for growing a successful brand. ranging from global organizations, to potent startups, new product launchs, and social causes, we start with our recognized strategy and then follow a unique process for each client. we ask questions that help us pair market behavior, business strategy and design together to enable ambitious brands to innovate in their market.

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our standards

__01 - balance is key

__02 - build it smarter

__03 - love what we do

__04 - have a purpose

__05 - make new challenges

our motivation

we want our clients to feel connected to their audience, and their customers to feel connected to their brand. it's a continuous cycle of communication and marketing that lets the right customers know that they matter to you. our goal is bring our strategy to the table and meld it with our client's passion to foster a purposeful brand.

GLYPH often works as an in-house agency or partners with existing teams to create and continue perfecting campaigns in industries such as technology, medical, restaurants and nightlife, automotive, and insurance.

our history

we never intended GLYPH to be a traditional marketing agency and our work speaks to that. once the strategic team attached to a startup accelerator, we have grown to provide a unique range of branding and business strategies, communication, design, and marketing services as an independent agency since 2014.

GLYPH was founded to help businesses challenge their market, and we use strategy and design as a tool to get them there.

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