we help launch, position, and market some of the most ambitious brands around.

GLYPH is a team of strategy-loving, market-focused, brand-obsessed designers and digital marketers based out of michigan. our team partners with growing brands to help them connect to people by launching fast and functional marketing campaigns.

about us

what we do

we help organizations uncover the most pure concept of themselves and discover a foundation for powerful brand identities and captivating digital marketing experiences. marketing is intended to resonate with the end user - to get there, we focus on the first details first. we help shape every statement, piece of design, website interaction, and advertising campaigns to be sharper, clearer, and more true to their potential.

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"your brand was defined by your first customer and redefined by every customer after that."

- nic von schneider [creative director]

who we are

we are an expert team of strategists, designers, writers, and marketers with the history to prove it. but what binds us together is our motto, our warchant and our creed: fueled by passion / driven by purpose. it's not just passion for our craft, but the clients we work with, the teams we work alongside, and the [ human ] customers we build for.

how we do it

we like chaos and order. form and function. a balance between new ideas and momentum. to get to the end, we usually have to start at the beginning. our process is simple: first we discover, then we break things. whether you are launching a new campaign or already have an active team of designers, web developers, or marketers at your disposal - we are a jackhammer to your strategic efforts.

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our brand matters

01. intention is our secret sauce

02. think big but also move fast

03. really (really) love what we do

04. put the passions first

05. consistently conquer new challenges

our history

we never intended GLYPH to be your average creative agency and our work speaks to that. once the strategic team attached to a startup accelerator, we have grown to provide a unique combination of business strategies, brand development, communication, design, advertising environment, and marketing services as an independent agency since 2014.

although we have grown a lot bigger these past couple years, we are boutique by origin. we have never worked like a traditional agency, so why change now. we go all in for select projects at a time so we can focus on big ideas and precise details. when we work together, you know it's our mission to grow together.

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