humans aren't robots. we build for the human experience.

we are guilty of it too - marketing is rapidly becoming more templated than it is intentional. businesses line up the correct elements, triggering chunks of code to fire off new sets of emails and targeted ads. we strive to find the poetry between technology and customers. our team is aligned together to focus on the human element.

our philosophy

Glyph Team

Glyph Team Headshot

Glyph Team Headshot


intention is our secret ingredient


branding and design is a way of perception and truth. it's the way you think about your audience and the way they engage with you.

we focus on intention over templates. if you use the same ideas, same website templates, and same fonts for every project, you aren't innovating: you are treating every customer the same. that's boring. as long as people are unique, we will treat your project with purpose - to find one ethos and use that as a flag to aim everything towards.


think big but also move fast


our history coming from a startup accelerator taught us to move fast while still solving your challenges... and the ten other challenges behind that one. that’s were real innovation and sustainable growth happen.

our goal is to quickly gain momentum but also plan as far out as possible to ensure we don't waste time, but also give ourselves opportunity to learn. we are going to look very deep to find your strengths, but cut the bloat and move efficiently where we can.


really (really) love what we do


we don't expect you to be obsessed with the layers of strategy that surround your design and experiences, but we do expect you to be obsessed about your work. that is the passion we chase.

we are passionate about our work, and we can tell when our clients share the same feelings about their own. we promise to invest our efforts in the lifespan and potential of your brand, your team, your customers, and business.


sometimes we should break things


we commit to the change - not neutrality. we count on our clients wanting more than a transaction, they come to us for a transformation.

we prioritize a balance of risk; using insights and impulse to seek a new direction for your brand, product launch, website, or marketing campaigns. we will break a few things along the way to create something bold, resounding, and memorable.


consistently conquer new challenges


bring on the surprises. we are ready for them. we get invested in the growth challenges our clients are facing, and turn that series of challenges into a process we pioneer.

it's exciting for us to learn about new industries, new clients, new locations, and often - new products. this expectations towards finding, and conquering new challenges means we are always ready for them, and never sidelined by your growth initiatives.

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our mantra:

fueled by passion/
driven by progress

our mission

our goal is to be more than a translator, we aim to be a pioneer; to go deeper into strategy than most are willing and further into design than most can. we will ask a troubling amount of questions to uncover a reverberant and purposeful revelation - the transformation of your brand in new and powerful ways. in short, we believe deeper foundations build taller towers. with our help, your brand will have no ceiling.

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