launching a new kombucha tea drink

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case study

kombu brew

scope of work



__ brand research

__ logo design

__ visual identity

__ packaging design



__ new brand

__ launched 2016

the challenge

kombu brew sought to bring traditional russian methods with hand-foraged elements to the every day tea drinker. we combined a lot of tricks, ideas, and inspiration to make a dominant packaging identity. the goal was to show a natural jounrey of elements that, when brewed into kombucha, became bright and colorful.

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"we wanted clarity and color. mixing so many elements gave us something bold that could own it's spot on a busy shelf."

- nic von schneider, creative director
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the solution

we knew that to get attention, we needed a big idea. kombu brew is bright, bold, and exciting. the usage of color - greyscale to solid color - solves a couple riddles. the color palette lets customers identify their favorite flavors and the custom typography goes a long way to set the tone, whether on the bottles themselves or on marketing materials.

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